A paper route may seem to most as simple, but to me it was the best choice to start a career: a position where I must take initiative and ownership, to do the thing all business must do, and that is to give people what they want.

I’ve carried those principles in each role I’ve been in since, from flipping burgers, to fixing arcade machines; from dispatching at the top ranked Ford dealership, to my technical roles. I even employ these principles in my volunteer and personal work.

Along the way, I’ve improved not only my development skills, but also my creativity, business leadership, and personal development. They have allowed me to truly add the value employers are seeking today: solving problems, and making it possible and engaging for other people to do the same.

In each role, coworkers, leaders, and owners, seek me out to contribute directly to the overall objective of the company and project, or for wisdom and guidance on what to do. For this reason, I continue to study areas that apply to more than just software, because while technology can be disrupted overnight, the core needs of people and business remain the same. Having this ingrained in me has helped me provide real, valuable solutions, for customers and employees.

I’m certain that the greatest contribution I’ve made to people are the ones that drive them to better performance. For this, I am seeking not only to contribute my technical expertise, but my wisdom in places that improve the vital part of your business: the owners and the employees; their development.

I perform my best when I’m entrusted to get the results, when others count on me, and when I can grow throughout the project. I enjoy work where I can improve my skills and wisdom that can apply to more areas of my life, now or in the future.