Web and Software Developer

Monthly website management, including content publishing, design, and programming.

Carl is a very skilled programmer who understood the job at the outset and worked with me to craft a solution that was simple and to the point. He explained every step of the process so that I could learn from the experience and implement the solution myself. It was a very positive transaction and I appreciate your patience and help, Carl!Shirley SShirley S,
Excellent work, and very easy to communicate with – perfect example, very happy with Carl.Eric W.Eric W.,
Carl was great to work with. He took the requirements and delivered a superb end product. He gave suggestions along the way to make it better than what was originally planned. His attention to detail and responsiveness got the project done quickly and correctly.Adam W.Adam W.,

I’ve open-sourced technology used for roller derby production. If you’re a fan of roller derby, a league in need of a free, powerful tool, to run your bouts, then check out my Patreon page. Support helps me continue to build this great application for Roller Derby!

Roller Derby Manager

Download the Source on GitHub.

I’ve been working since I was 12, always delivering more than expected of me.

I’ve been a paperboy, worked at McDonald’s, an indoor arcade, the largest Ford service center in the country, and developed e-commerce and EHR systems.

I’m the DJ, Web Developer, and Software Developer, for the largest all-women’s banked track roller derby league. They are my friends, my family, and the coolest group of people I know.