What clients say…

  • Excellent and easy communication!
  • Very talented and gifted programmer!
  • Dependable, gives suggestions, and keeps me informed with every step!

What I say… (the conceited stuff)

  • Author, Illustrator, and Software Engineer.
  • Not afraid to clean up other people’s messes (including sloppy coding, databases, and my nephews’ toys).
  • The guy you hire when you need a lasting solution to your web / I.T. problems.

About Carl

I’m a human being. However, I can also say I’m an author, illustrator, and software engineer. While many people may think that having my varied skills and experience means I’m likely mediocre in them, I say to you this:

  • I’ve been working since I was 12.
  • I’ve been programming since I was 14.
  • I’ve dedicated a great deal of my last nearly twenty years on these skills.

My work history shows excellent results have always been delivered, from the days of delivering newspapers, fixing arcade machines, to engineering EHR and live-sports production systems. At nearly 34, I’m only getting started, and I’ve accomplished so much.

Where I’m Headed

While I am a very skilled software engineer, my greatest joy in life comes from when people are truly affected by my work. They are able to do the jobs they need to do, they can contribute in a meaningful way to something that is important to them, and I get to grow as a person with them.

For full-time roles, I absolutely am looking for leadership / management positions, wherein I will have a direct impact on the growth and advancement of virtually anyone in the business. My communication skills (just read the reviews) have proven that I am capable of understanding the language, needs, and wants, of every level of business.

I often find that business owners, be they clients, friends, or my employer, seek me out, for conversation, inspiration, insight, and advice. All this, and I’ve never held a single supervisory role, or an official title that says I’m allowed to do such things. I just do them, because it’s been ingrained in me since I delivered that first newspaper.

My Hobbies

  • Writing fiction and non-fiction, with humor.
  • Roller Derby DJ, Photographer, and Software Developer (check out AZDD)
  • Illustrating (see my artwork).