Carl J. Roberts

What the Hell is This?

You know what I like about dead people? They don't talk.

They've learned that silence is golden, especially when it's permanent.

I can't say the same for the living.

While offices are filled with well-meaning workers, some of these workers create a cesspool of abusive, depressive, evasive language.

If you like your job, then you probably don't want to read this. If you're looking for self-help, personal growth, or a cure for the Mondays, then might I suggest the Three Little Pigs? The two younger brothers were too stupid to build a house that could protect them from a wolf with a really bad cold.

If, however, you'd like to be a genius and learn why you're bothered by the mere presence of a specific coworker like 90% of the world, then this was written for you!

The language of the workplace constantly evolves, or de-evolves, however you feel best to view it is fine with me. By the time your boss has learned that certain phrases have lost their grip on controlling you, they'll move along to their next catastrophe, usually picked up from other manipulative assholes.

Anytime you feel fatigued after speaking with a coworker, I suggest re-visiting this website. Its contents may relieve you from their babbling, and then you can get back with your day, being productive with the rest of the office. Your office is productive, isn't it?

A Word on Meaning

The meaning you give words have the power to motivate or destroy your energy. When you experience a desired result, you repeat that word to get the same emotion, even if that requires banging your head against the desk.

As a child, you derived meaning from examples around you. You associated words, sounds, actions, and other senses, with an emotion, that told you one of two things: that thing was pleasurable or painful; a good thing or a bad thing.

If the emotion was painful, you tend to avoid or stop the event in the future. If the emotion was pleasurable, you move toward it by repeating that event.

Most adults are about as intelligent as their ten year old selves. They believe their lot in life is just the way it is; the way it's supposed to be; there's nothing they can do about it. They develop this through negative emotions, such as disappointment, frustration, and anger.

These same adults have the ability to decide for themselves what things mean to them, and what to do about it. However, most adults don't utilize this uniquely human ability. They join the herd and allow their negative thoughts and emotions to control their direction and results in life.

Meanwhile, their child is curious, and never shuts up with all the questions! Until that child gives up, whose parents chose to be annoyed and told him to shut up.

I admit I had some luck in my childhood: both I and my mother understood that most people are essentially full of shit. The greatest lesson I learned from her is the ability to detect bullshit. I sometimes say I can smell bullshit with my ears.

So, as a child, I blocked about 99% of the bullshit adults tried to impress upon me with their negative attitudes. When I learned to determine any meaning to words that I wanted, regardless of what the dictionary tried to tell me, too, my emotional, mental, and physical life, was liberated from the chains that bound me.

My greatest hope is that you'll learn something from this website, if not already, and be entertained by its content. Determine what words mean to you is the single greatest way to control your emotions, so we might as well find ways to decide to be happy.

Oh, one more thing: I digress, often, and on purpose. So look forward to the rants, as there are no raves.