Phoenix, Arizona Web Development and Design

I’m Carl, a web developer and graphic designer serving Phoenix, Arizona. My friends call me CJ.

I enjoy solving problems; it’s what I’m hungry to do. Here’s my approach:

  • I ask questions, offer ideas for improvement, and pay attention to detail.
  • I apply my experience where possible, for added value and insight.
  • I maintain communication each step of the way, so you know where I’m at with your work.

If you want a web developer or designer who delivers and is reliable, then please answer these simple questions:

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How I Approach Design

You want customers to purchase your product or service online. I accomplish this with a three-step approach: make your website or web application functional, simple, and then beautiful — in that order.

Functional: This is where features of the website or application are developed: navigation, forms, videos, and initial layout.

Simple: This is where initial colors and branding are applied, layout is updated so the website is easy to use and quickly understood by prospective customers.

Beautiful: The icing on the cake ensures the design is aesthetically pleasing, and conveys the intended message: photos, logos, animations, and other decorations.

The Obligatory "Social Proof"

“Carl is a very skilled programmer who understood the job at the outset and worked with me to craft a solution that was simple and to the point. He explained every step of the process so that I could learn from the experience and implement the solution myself. It was a very positive transaction and I appreciate your patience and help, Carl!” – Shirley S.
“Carl was great to work with. He took the requirements and delivered a superb end product. He gave suggestions along the way to make it better than what was originally planned. His attention to detail and responsiveness got the project done quickly and correctly.” – Adam W.

Look at these beautiful things!

You get a lot of design experience from me, with sports and healthcare being the industries I serve best.  That usually comes in the form of:
  • Responsive WordPress Themes
  • UI/UX Services
  • Landing Pages
  • Print + Digital Artwork
  • Beautiful Interfaces

Push the Buttons

I enjoy building web applications that enable people to do more of what they love, and less of what they hate.

I’ve built web applications for sports, live streaming, healthcare, and e-commerce.

I can handle all parts of the process: programming, design, databases, systems, and more. Even if I don’t employ each of these on your project, you’ll be grateful that I have the experience when needed.

Here’s what I can make for you:

  • Web Applications: Small, Medium, and Enterprise Level
  • Desktop Applications
  • WordPress Plugins
  • Database Schemas