Download my free guide on How to Program a Photo Gallery. (PDF, 328kb)

This guide is very detailed, covering not just the code, but also wby code was written a certain way.

Gain Confidence!

As a developer, you may feel that you can code well, but are you confident you can complete a task your client gives you? I run into that question when it’s something I know little about completing. Hence, the benefit of this guide is to improve your confidence as a developer.

When you go through the effort, steps, and gain the understanding, of each part of something you develop, you’ll gain more confidence. That confidence translates into better results, greater trust, and the willingness to continue to improve yourself.

I wrote this guide to help developers learn how to do something practical and useful. You could learn all you want about a certain programming language, but without creating something useful, then your skills are not better than A.I., which is getting pretty close to programming itself.

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