I’ve spent the better part of today recreating the Scorekeeper form in the roller derby software. The Scorekeeper form allows a scorekeeper (and in the future, two), to manage a skater’s current position, on-deck positions, and penalties.

The Scorekeeper is designed for drag-n-drop in mind, and hopefully touch-capable devices in the future. There are six parts to the program: two skater lists (one for each team), three decks (per team), and (one) scoreboard data.

Skater Lists: This is where the skaters assigned to a team can be accessed. Users can add/remove skaters from this list, making it easy for scorekeepers to assign skater positions on the decks below.

Decks: Each deck consists of the five positions found in Banked Track Roller Derby, with the Jammer and Pivot highlighted with star/stripe icons. With a total of 6 decks, it’s possible for a scorekeeper to assign a total of 30 positions. Normally, though, only five per deck will be filled, with exceptions for penalties (the third deck).

On-Track: These are the skaters on the track at the moment. (top deck)

On-Deck: These are the skaters prepping to get onto the track. (middle deck)

Penalty Box: These are the skaters sitting in the penalty box. (bottom deck)

Each skater assigned to a team is listed at the top, and can be clicked (or drag-n-drop) to fill in the positions on the form.

  • When clicking, only the on-track skaters are filled in.
  • Shift+Click adds a skater to on-deck.
  • Ctrl+Click adds a skater to the penalty box.
  • Right-click (contextmenu) removes the skater from whatever position they’re assigned.
  • Alt-Click removes a skater from the team (on the scorekeeper only).

Team Controls:

Each team has three buttons (more may be added in the future)

  • Load Team: Reloads the team to the usual roster.
  • Star Pass: Switches the Jammer and the Pivot (on-track only).
  • Shift: (arrow icon) Moves skaters from on-deck to on-track, and removes skaters from the penalty box.

Shift Skaters

From this…

…to this…

To make things better, the Capture Window, which can be used for live-streaming window capture in OBS, will display the on-track Jammers and the on-deck jammers. Helpful for fans following at home, who may want to see the jammer, or are hard of hearing and need visual cues for who is jamming.

Scoreboard Synchronization

The scorekeeper form updates when the scoreboard updates, reflecting the teams, score, clocks, and quarter.