Here’s a list of freelance projects I’ve completed thus far, so if you’re looking for something similar to this, contact me on LinkedIn.

Fencing Scoreboard

This was a rather fun project, and is a scoreboard for Fencing (rapiers/swords). I completed this in about ten hours of work, over the course of a few days. (Between 4th of July.) It contains:

  • Left / Right Fencers
  • Scores
  • Main Clock
  • Break Clock
  • Doubles
  • Red / Yellow Cards
  • Fencer Names and Colors
  • Keyboard commands mapped to the numberpad.
  • Mouse commands, so it can work easily on a touch/mouse interface.

Time to complete: < 10 hours.

Legacy Shopping Cart Integration

Client uses a legacy shopping cart, and the time/cost to change all of that right now wasn’t feasible. I created a WordPress plugin specifically for his website, and he’s quite satisfied with it. Now, instead of having to change all his accounting / order processing, he gets to plan that out to transition better in the future (if needed).

Time to complete: ~16 hours. (Off and on for about a month)

Auto-Show Tabs based on URL

This was a simple fix for a Bootstrap website, that allowed the designer to provide parameters in a URL to display a different tab. The challenge was that Bootstrap wasn’t capable of doing this with nested tabs, but I found a way to do it.

Time to complete: < 2 hours.

Website Design/Development Consulting

I have a regular client who, over the course of two large projects, needed consultation for development and design. This included working with iPhone idiosyncrasies, CSS, JavaScript, and some PHP, to get things ready for the website publication.

Time to complete: Varies; usually a couple hours of consulting and a couple hours of development.

Author WordPress Plugin

A client needed a WordPress plugin, wherein they could have author records that weren’t also user records. Using custom post types, and custom fields (not ACF), I created a plugin that allowed them to do just that. This was my first large Freelance project, and it went quite well.

Time to complete: < 12 hours.