Use this One, Simple Skill, for Effective Website Creation


  • Keep a list of objectives – on paper, so you don’t have to rely on your memory.
  • Make sub-lists for each objective, to organize details.
  • Keep it visually in front of where you work, as a constant reminder.
  • Check each item off as you complete them, for accomplishment and progress.

Keep a List of Objectives

…and write them down on paper. I know, I know, we’re in the digital age, and we should be saving trees to keep the air clean. But having your list on paper helps by:

  • Getting the objectives, thoughts, and ideas, out of your head.
  • Making them permanent, especially if you write with a pen.
  • Frees your mind from having to remember them all.
  • Literally creates a new perspective on your thoughts, which can generate new ones.

Make Sub-Lists

Each objective will have detailed steps. Using a sub-list, or sub-list of a sub-list, and so on, can ensure you don’t miss important details.  When you’re creating a website, there will certainly be details worth noting. For example:

  • Create Contact Form
    • Secure Contact Form with reCaptcha
    • Setup contact form to send to two email addresses.
    • Ensure contact form works the same on desktop and mobile devices.
    • Test Contact Form
      • Ensure contact form sent all relevant fields.
      • Reply-to Address must be set to the prospect’s email address.
      • Ensure Auto-responder works.
      • Ensure Support Ticket is generated.

Keep it Visually In Front of You Where You Work

This step has been the most helpful for me. The cliche, “Out of Sight, Out of Mind,” isn’t just a cliche – it’s rather true. When your list of the things you must do is sitting in some book, or a file on your computer or phone, it’s very easy to…

  1. Get distracted.
  2. Forget about.
  3. Assume you know what to do already.
  4. Make mistakes.
  5. Totally screw it all up because of your arrogance and reliance on your memory.

But how often do you forget to take out the trash on time, before it stinks up the kitchen?

Check Each Item Off, For Accomplishment and Progress

Your confidence in your ability to complete a task, greatly increases when you see the progress and accomplishment right in front of you. We humans tend to rely on visual cues to tell us our progress: our bank account is a big one.

A list of your objectives, being crossed off as you complete them, is a great way to show you’re making progress toward creating that website, or any goal for that matter. Here are some other benefits to using a list to check on your progress:

  • It’s organized, so it’s easy to see your progress.
  • Reminds you of what you’ve done, and how much you can still do.
  • Each item completed builds momentum into completion of the next one.

Well That Was Simple... I Already Knew All That!

Knew all it you may, but I know as a person with a business owner’s mindset, we can tend to forget the little things that make us successful. Even a lemonade stand needs a checklist: lemons, sugar, water, table, chairs, cups, pricing, location, and hours. If a six year old can set up a successful business, because she had a list… so can an adult!