The Best Way to Sell Your Products or Services

  • Find a person with a problem you can solve.
  • Tell that person how you will solve their problem, how long it will take, and what it will cost them.
  • Solve the problem, and get paid.

Find a Person with a Problem (You can solve)

Since people pay to have problems solved, the best approach to business is to solve people’s problems. This must be done with the honest intent to solve their problem, as it establishes that you sincerely want to help them out – which is a great way to begin any relationship!

“But how do I find people with a problem that I can solve?”

Simple: Focus your efforts on where the problems are, and there will be people there who want your help.

By the way, focusing on other people’s problems is the best way to get their attention. When you’re focused on their problem and have a solution to it, you’ll get their attention much quicker than any marketing or advertising campaign can give you.

Tell them how you'll solve their problem.

Straight up deliver good will to people by telling them how you’ll solve their problem, how long it will take, and what it will cost them.

If even all you do is tell them how you’ll solve their problem, you’ll be lightyears ahead of your competition. That’s because you start being a trusted resource on how to solve problems. (This is why I’ve never had to ask for a raise / promotion – they just give it to me!)

Don’t worry about them running off and doing it themselves… most customers, either individuals or businesses, don’t have the time, patience, desire, or skills, to solve all problems they face. That’s why they hire people — such as yourself or your business — to solve their problem.

Actually solve their problem.

You have to actually solve their problem. It’s that simple. Deliver on the promise, and they’ll be willing to hand over their cash to you when they have a similar problem in the future. It’s very likely they will, especially if they’re a business and their problem is a repeat request from their customers.

Added bonus: Go beyond just solving their problem! Do more than what is expected. Give it your best. This is why I’ve never been fired or laid-off from a job (even during the 2008 recession, and I had little professional experience in my field).

It feels good when the bartender says, “This one’s on me.”