Health Report

A good one, not a bad one.

October 2020, I encountered B12 deficiency, and for nearly a year afterward had hyperacusis, and still have some tinnitus. Now recently I’ve stubbed my toe pretty bad. Generally through, my health is great.

At the beginning of 2021, I weighed 195 lbs, most of that put on during the start of the pandemic, and due to laying in back from the issues encountered with my B12 deficiency. (By the way, I’m healthy, and recovered quite quickly with that – the hearing issues lasted the longest.)

It’s early 2022, and I’ve got my weight down to 178-180lbs. I’m needing to fast, as I can maintain my weight at 180 – for quite a long time – but need to get some weight down. At 5’8″, I should ideally be around 165 lbs (to my opinion, though “experts” may say I should be 145 – which is like… what the fuck?).

So what brought on the B12 deficiency? It was years of not eating much red meat, and a diet mostly of vegetables – sometimes even for breakfast. Also, at the start of the pandemic, pretty much for a good month or two, all that was on the shelves was shit food. (Somehow, people finally decided to stop buying shit food, and started buying all the healthy stuff. That’s since reverted, and the healthy food is in greater quantities. People just panicked, and I got the shit end of it, in a way.)

I exercise daily, usually, 30-60min of cardio, stretching, and some strength. I’m avoiding bulking up with anything unnatural – I don’t eat processed foods (as much as I can), and eat generally fruits, vegetables, and grains. Sometimes eat chicken.

I still don’t get why people don’t eat healthy. Some friends got bigger over the pandemic – why? Other friends got slimmer and fitter – good on them. I just wish people would learn to care for their health better like I have, but to each their own.