RDMGR: New Scorekeeper Application

I’ve spent the better part of today recreating the Scorekeeper form in the roller derby software. The Scorekeeper form allows a scorekeeper (and in the future, two), to manage a skater’s current position, on-deck positions, and penalties. The Scorekeeper is designed for drag-n-drop in mind, and hopefully touch-capable devices in the future. There are six

What Form Element Should You Use for Numbers?

When designing form elements for numeric input, these questions could help: 1: Are you selecting from a short range of numbers? If you’re selecting a short range of numbers, say 1 – 5, then consider using radio buttons, or a group of buttons with a label for each number (combined with a hidden form field

RDMGR: JavaScript to C#

I’ve decided to work on recreating the Roller Derby software from its current (and very useful) incarnation in JavaScript/Electron, to C# (using Windows Presentation Foundation). There are a few key reasons for this: 1: Performance Native code FTW. I’ve already got some of the UI rebuilt using WPF, XAML, and C# code, and its performance

[code] Shortcode WordPress Plugin

I created a plugin that formats a shortcode, code, to look beautiful, with line numbers. Example: Download Code Shortcode Plugin.

How to Load iFrame Every X Seconds

To reload an iframe every X-seconds, you simply need to use the setInterval() function in JavaScript, with a handy bit of script. In the above code, we: Create a reference to the iframe (<iframe id=”frame1″></iframe>). Create the delay. Time is tracked in milliseconds (1000 = 1 second). Start the interval, and store a reference to

RDMGR: Peer-to-Peer Cameras

I’ve got my Roller Derby software capable of streaming camera feeds between each other, which will go a long way to provide more than one camera angle for live events. It’s even greater, because there won’t be a need for lots of high-end PCs, video capture devices, HDMI/SDI wires, etc., all over the venue. Just

RDMGR : Peer-to-Peer Connections

I have peer-to-peer connections working for the Roller Derby Manager (RDMGR) software. Now I can send/receive data between clients over the network. For example: a remote scoreboard sending the game clock in real-time to the live streaming computer. This opens up possibilities as now more computers added to the system can contribute to an improved

How to Program a Photo Gallery – Free Guide

Download my free guide on How to Program a Photo Gallery. (PDF, 328kb) This guide is very detailed, covering not just the code, but also wby code was written a certain way. Gain Confidence! As a developer, you may feel that you can code well, but are you confident you can complete a task your client gives you? I

Create the Solution First, Then Choose Your Tools

Before you commence work on a solution, you need to create it, and then you can choose your tools. When you create a solution, the tools you need will become apparent. First, you must create the solution without the tools in mind. This is done through analysis and discussion about what the product must do