Time Spent Completing Freelance Projects

Here’s a list of freelance projects I’ve completed thus far, so if you’re looking for something similar to this, contact me on LinkedIn. Fencing Scoreboard This was a rather fun project, and is a scoreboard for Fencing (rapiers/swords). I completed this in about ten hours of work, over the course of a few days. (Between

RDMGR: New Scorekeeper Application

I’ve spent the better part of today recreating the Scorekeeper form in the roller derby software. The Scorekeeper form allows a scorekeeper (and in the future, two), to manage a skater’s current position, on-deck positions, and penalties. The Scorekeeper is designed for drag-n-drop in mind, and hopefully touch-capable devices in the future. There are six

What Form Element Should You Use for Numbers?

When designing form elements for numeric input, these questions could help: 1: Are you selecting from a short range of numbers? If you’re selecting a short range of numbers, say 1 – 5, then consider using radio buttons, or a group of buttons with a label for each number (combined with a hidden form field

RDMGR: JavaScript to C#

I’ve decided to work on recreating the Roller Derby software from its current (and very useful) incarnation in JavaScript/Electron, to C# (using Windows Presentation Foundation). There are a few key reasons for this: 1: Performance Native code FTW. I’ve already got some of the UI rebuilt using WPF, XAML, and C# code, and its performance

[code] Shortcode WordPress Plugin

I created a plugin that formats a shortcode, code, to look beautiful, with line numbers. Example: Download Code Shortcode Plugin.

How to Load iFrame Every X Seconds

To reload an iframe every X-seconds, you simply need to use the setInterval() function in JavaScript, with a handy bit of script. In the above code, we: Create a reference to the iframe (<iframe id=”frame1″></iframe>). Create the delay. Time is tracked in milliseconds (1000 = 1 second). Start the interval, and store a reference to

RDMGR: Peer-to-Peer Cameras

I’ve got my Roller Derby software capable of streaming camera feeds between each other, which will go a long way to provide more than one camera angle for live events. It’s even greater, because there won’t be a need for lots of high-end PCs, video capture devices, HDMI/SDI wires, etc., all over the venue. Just

RDMGR : Peer-to-Peer Connections

I have peer-to-peer connections working for the Roller Derby Manager (RDMGR) software. Now I can send/receive data between clients over the network. For example: a remote scoreboard sending the game clock in real-time to the live streaming computer. This opens up possibilities as now more computers added to the system can contribute to an improved

How to Program a Photo Gallery – Free Guide

Download my free guide on How to Program a Photo Gallery. (PDF, 328kb) This guide is very detailed, covering not just the code, but also wby code was written a certain way. Gain Confidence! As a developer, you may feel that you can code well, but are you confident you can complete a task your client gives you? I