Web and Graphic Design

Pay You Later

Pay You Later is the premier payroll service. Their motto: “What’s money worth anyway?”

  • Responsive design
  • Sticky menu (on desktop)
  • Social Links.
  • Email Signup Form
  • Contact Footer

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Inspired by surgeons with a sense of humor!

  • Heartbeat monitor is drawn using HTML5 canvas, and is responsive.
  • Scroll using the mouse wheel, swiping left/right, or using navigation icons.
  • Design is responsive, and displays differently on mobile portrait, landscape, and then desktop.

Image files found on pixabay.com.

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This design shows how monochromatic can be used quite well to create a design that’s easy on the eyes. The trick is to use the right shades for reading text and action items, which should contrast / invert each other. It’s tougher to achieve that with colors that are complimentary, such as a regal purple and orange.

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