I’ve been programming since I was 14, back in 1999. My mother gifted me JavaScript and Unix books for Christmas. While one might think I’d have designed 100+ websites by now, the truth is, I’m the person that does the work other programmers don’t want to do.

I don’t need a framework to build an e-commerce store. I have built e-commerce software, long before Shopify, WooCommerce, et all, even existed in the minds of their creators.  I’m the guy people hire when there isn’t a solution!

On this page, you’ll find a list of my projects, as well as some code samples. I say some code samples, because the vast majority of my work belongs to other people, and it would be illegal for me to show that to you.

And, like you, I actually have things I do in life than just write code. I have hobbies, like art, roller derby, and shooting pool.

Current Projects

Roller Derby Manager

Description: Roller Derby Manager (RDMGR) is a Node.js application packaged under Electron. It’s a live-sports production system, consisting of scoreboard, video capture, intros, scorekeeper, and other features, in a peer-to-peer network (without a negotiating server). This real-time application allows for the members of the league to contribute to the overall production and fan experience, with an easy-to-use interface.

Story: I volunteer as a DJ and developer for the Arizona Derby Dames, the largest Banked Track Roller Derby League. One night, at a playoffs matchup, the scoreboard (not mine) had failed. In less than 15 minutes, I created a small scoreboard with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Later, my sister asked me to create a new scoreboard, and RDMGR was born.

I may release some code I develop in RDMGR, but it will likely be a tool I create in it.

Past Projects


Description: TestDay is a Random Drug Test Scheduling System, provided as a SaaS product to drug courts, and other clients. It randomly schedules participants, communicates with laboratory systems to exchange records, and provides tools / reports for managing cases.

Story: I was contracted to a previous role to rebuild a portion of TestDay for invoicing. In less than a month, I was hired full-time, with the plan to rebuild TestDay from the ground up. I accomplished just that. For more information, and to request a demonstration, please visit (Because this is a closed system, you’ll need to contact TestDay for access.)


Description: LabLynk is a clinical point-of-sales system developed in a previous role. It was designed as a HIPAA compliant system for taking orders, and interfacing with laboratory systems for test results. It contains various reports, and even a sister portal,, where doctors, nurses, and patients, can access their test results online.

Story: LabLynk was another system (like TestDay) that was built from the ground up. Unlike TestDay, I worked with another developer, teaching him PHP, JavaScript, and MySQL along the way. It was a successful project, and one that proved to me that I can help people not only improve their skills, but the results they can deliver.

Description: I worked at Biotone as a web developer and graphic designer. Very likely, the system has been re-written (it was originally built in 2008…), so it looks very different today than it did then.

Story: The original (from when I started the project) was tied to a legacy accounting system. My job was to take it out of there, and so we resolved to write our own e-commerce website, in PHP and MySQL. We used a middle-ware to transfer data from the accounting system to the website’s database, and from there, I was able to be more creative with how the system would work.

Description: One of my first “gigs” as a developer was for, back in 1999. is the (in my opinion, and many others) #1 source for trading card game news, especially with Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, and Dragonball Z. (I actually still have a Dragonball Z card I received from the owner.)

Story: My contributions were small (I was 14!). I wrote a few articles on video games (before the website became dedicated to just TCG). I even designed a web page for their Pokedex — and guess what? It’s still online today! (Not mobile friendly… this was 1999…)

Some Code Samples

… I told you there were just a few samples.

The Boring Stuff

Skills / Languages

  • JavaScript, HTML, and CSS: 19+ years
  • PHP, MySQL: 16+ yrs
  • Java, C#, Ruby, C/C++, Python, COBOL (various levels of use)

Frameworks / CMS / Libraries

  • WordPress: 6+ years
  • React, Vue, Angular, Node.js: roughly 2 years.


  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator (since CS2)
  • Electron (Node.js desktop applications)


Despite my lack of using Amazon Web Services (a glorified system of servers, aka, the cloud), and not having used Kubernets, Docker, and the seemingly endless array of software services and tools for development…

…I still deliver the results people want. In life, in business, that is what matters most.