Roller Derby Manager

Roller Derby Manager (RDMGR) is an application for Roller Derby live-event production. It includes video capture, score overlays, team intros, skater and team profiles, full scoreboard, media controls, and much more. RDMGR is currently in use at theĀ Arizona Derby Dames. (Also in development: an accompanying WordPress plugin.)


RDMGR is written in JavaScript/Node.js, and packaged under Electron. It will be rewritten at a later date in C# using WPF.


The Scoreboard allows leagues to run the bout under official Banked Track Roller Derby rules.

Capture Window

The Capture Window contains the visual presentation for fans, and can be read by live-streaming software, such as OBS. Selecting a camera displays the web-cam (or camera connected through a video capture device) on the Capture Window, allowing for live-sports broadcasting. Using CSS and JavaScript, overlays such as the score, can be placed on top of the camera, for a professional look and feel to fans.


Teams have intros, and so with this in mind, the Slideshow feature was created. It’s nothing compared to PowerPoint, but it suffices for displaying team logos, skaters as they’re introduced, and full-screen sponsor slides.


There are several record types, including Skater, Team, Penalty, Phase (quarters for bouts), Videos, and Slideshows. Each record has its own form to add, edit, and delete. The Slideshow feature allows a user to add Skater, Team, and media files (images, videos), to a slideshow easily.


I built this feature in for fun: It reads a folder and displays image files that are added to that folder, allowing the user to perform minor edits, and then display those changes to the Capture Window. For example, I can connect my Canon Rebel DSLR to my computer, and send photos to a projector as I take them.


A Telestrator is a device used to draw/illustrate on top of a video screen, such as the yellow lines on most live sports. I built one combining Electron’s IPC, to send real-time coordinates from the user’s interface, to the Capture Window.