Your Better Check Yourself!

What's Money Worth, Anyway?

At Pay You Later, we’ve got payroll covered. Our patented, trademarked, copyrighted system, ensures your money is working for you, your shareholders, and oh, of course, those employees; in that order.

  • Payroll: Your Money, Well Spent
  • Taxes: Fines, Fees, & Blackmail
  • PTO: Vacation, Sick Leave, and Mandated Benefits
  • Timeclock: Alarms and Consequences!
  • Discretion: Privacy, even for questionable stuff.

What Are People Saying?

Payroll was so easy, I don’t even have to think about how much I pay my employees! – W.P. Bucks, Wrench and Nuts, Inc.

Pay You later saves me two full days of work each month. I can finally take my staycation! – Emil F., Sr. Editor of Burned Papers Publishing.

Payroll Services

At Pay You Later, we handle your payroll needs. We’ll even fire employees for you. Aside from terminating a person’s livelihood, we handle:

  • Check Printing and Delivery
  • Direct Deposit
  • Wage Garnishment
  • Travel, Hotel, and Meal Reimbursement
  • Petty Cash and Complaints
  • Federal, state, and local Taxes

…and any other withholding and reimbursement deemed appropriate by your accounting department.

Always There for You!

We operate 24/7/365, in more than 128 countries, 100+ languages, and have headquarters in…
  • India, Ireland, China, and Japan
  • North and South Korea
  • Antarctica (It's cold here; save us!)
  • The Arctic (it's cold here, too...)
  • A Bunk in the center of Manitoba
  • The rusted bucket of a ship floating off the coast of Italy

Coming soon: Headquarters in the United States!

Taxes, Fines, Fees

Nobody likes paying taxes! We don’t! But taxes provide schools, keeps the farms alive, and now and then fund a small war. Support our troops!

At Pay you Later, we’ll calculate your deductions and credits, and ensure you pay what’s necessary to keep up the image of corporate responsibility.

No government? No problem! We’ll negotiate with the local authorities to ensure protection is paid for, so you can serve your dictators without worry.

Vacation: We All Want One!

Have you earned time off? Have your employees earned time off? Eliminate the guesswork, and let our systems think for you!

Our advanced A.I. is so brilliant, it’s self-aware! Trust us, though, there are no robot overlords here: just your decision on how to accumulate vacation, personal and sick leave, and other benefits.

Hey, look! We can afford a color photo!

Punch 'Em in the Card!

Ensuring minions punch-in and punch-out at the proper time, shouldn’t be your responsibility. It’s theirs! Our system, however, can help.

Trained lab rats have taught us that the old ways are the most effective: bells, lights, and whistles. Why change what works? Because technology changes, and with it, people’s habits.

We install alarms on the employee’s phones, cars, and toothbrushes, to remind them when they’re supposed to be at their job.

Privacy and Discretion

Keeping your information out of the hands of criminals is our highest priority, even above providing adequate and timely service.

We rely on contracted, outsourced, overseas systems engineers to build state of the art, bleeding edge technology to secure your accounts and identities.

Our policy is clear: in case of data breach, we’ll notify all account holders within a timely period, after crafting responses for public inquires that deflect any responsibility on us and our customers.

Ready to Order? Great!

Operators are standing by. Call or email us today, and get an instant quote — after you fill out ten pages of information we’ll sell to advertisers, which funds our real business model.

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