I came screaming into this world at 2:14 am, in San Diego, CA, on August 26th, 1985. I don’t recall the velocity of which I traveled to get here, but I imagine someone clocked it along the way. Maybe they’ll do the same on my way out.

Until such time, I have lived all my life in southwestern United States. As a kid, my family and I moved from place to place every 1-2 years, because of various economic reasons. Those times taught me the value of doing well for others, and getting an education so that I can do well for myself, too.

“You’re so smart,” or, “You’re a genius,” is the common compliment I’m given. I won’t argue, I do read quite a bit; more than most people I meet, anyway. My interests are self-improvement, business, technology, writing, and then I read the occasional fiction to get a grasp on reality. I’ve read over 400 books in my lifetime.

I have varied artistic skills, including painting, illustrating, photography, and I’m the DJ for the largest banked track roller derby league, the Arizona Derby Dames. #MFT (Mother Fucking Teamwork)


A Bit of Work History

Paper route, burger flipping, and arcade machine fixer. I’ve also been a medical coder, video game tester (Killzone for the PSP), web developer, graphic designer, automotive service dispatcher, and database developer. I’m also a DJ, author, and illustrator.

For development, I’ve designed and developed static websites to electronic health records management systems. I’ve been programming since I was 14 years old (1999)… long before all these fancy libraries and frameworks were created. I got this!